Printed in color

   Quality laminate

   Durable, won't fade


   Xpress shipping avail.

   Parent icebreaker

   Player Keepsake

   100% Satisfaction

A TeamInfoCard is a contacts list or roster shrunk down to the size (2"x3.5") of a business card. It is usually used to identify players, their jersey numbers and the coaching staff. It can also contain other info like player position, player year, parent first names and everyone's phone numbers.
All TeamInfoCards are handmade "in-house" with premium materials, attention to detail and a personal touch.

More TeamInfoCard details:
  • Neatly formatted & easy to read
  • Very durable, made to last the season and longer
  • Fits easilly in your wallet or purse
  • Contains a Playing/Parent info side and a coaching staff/Team Logo name info side
  • Super thin & Flexible, Won't rip, fade or stain
  • The "laminate" version is made of quality 3 mil laminate
  • The "Mobile" version can be easily stored and read on any mobile device
  • A keepsake that will last decades!
  • Sample TeamInfoCard
    A "Mobile" TeamInfoCard is a digital version of your Teams' Info card that can be easily referenced on any mobile device.
    A mobile card can be sent to each team member to be saved onto their smart phone and reference with any ADOBE compatible app

    Check it out, download and save our sample mobile TeamInfoCard to your phone.
    Follow this link on: How to access your mobile TeamInfoCard on your phone.

    Some Mobile TeamInfoCard features:
  • Touch phone number to initiate the dialer. Then press CALL button to complete call.
  • Pinch to expand and shrink page
  • Swipe to page up or down
  • Most importantly after downloading your card, NO signal or wifi connection is needed to reference your card.
  • Sample TeamInfoCard
    Count Card(s) Cost CAD$
    Mobile Mobile $12.00 CAD
    10 Laminate+mobile $15.00 CAD
    15 Laminate+mobile $20.00 CAD
    20 Laminate+mobile $25.00 CAD
    25 Laminate+mobile $30.00 CAD
    30 Laminate+mobile $35.00 CAD
    35 Laminate+mobile $40.00 CAD
    40 Laminate+mobile $45.00 CAD
    45 Laminate+mobile $50.00 CAD
    50 Laminate+mobile $55.00 CAD
    55 Laminate+mobile $60.00 CAD
    60 Laminate+mobile $65.00 CAD
    100 Laminate+mobile $105.00 CAD
    Ask us regarding larger orders.

    Pay using PayPal:
    Note: You don't have to be a member of PayPal to pay.
    Orders are processed within 24hrs

    A Mobile card order is sent via email attachment.

    Once processed it is emailed immediately.
    Laminated card orders are shipped via Canada Post
    All STANDARD shipments are FREE.
    In Canada allow 4 - 6 business days
    In USA allow 6 - 10 business days.

    EXPRESS shipment option is available for an extra charge. A tracking number is provided.
    In Canada allow 2 business days.
    In USA allow 2 business days.
    CanadaPost deliver
    (Shipping delays may be expected due to ongoing impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic)
    Once you register you simply enter your team information via our easy data capture screens. Using these screens you can:
  • choose your card format
  • add Player info
  • add coaching staff info.
  • add parent info.
  • add your team info.
  • add your team logo
  • preview your card
  • request help (if you need)
  • Once you are done you place your order...
    TeamInfoCards assembles them and ships them out.
    Our assembly process involves:
  • no charge special editing
  • no charge print setup
  • no charge color printing
  • hgh quality 3 mil laminate
  • no charge regular shipping
  • There are a multitude of layouts you can use...
    When using these most common layouts:
  • Use Players First name and last name initial
  • Keep the Player name on one line
  • Use two phone numbers (mom & Dad) without area code.
  • If you need an area code on one or two particular phone numbers leave us a "special message" when you order and we will add the area codes at no extra charge...providing there is enough space on the card

  • #NameParents
  • Use Players First name and last name initial
  • Keep the Player name on one line

  • Use the Special Messages area on the "ORDER CARDS" tab.
    When you are ready to order cards the "ORDER CARDS" tab has a "Special Messages" area where you can let us know of any concerns you may have. For example:
  • you may notice a name or text is being cut off in the online preview
  • you would like to change a header to be something else
  • you would like to enter a 00 for a player instead of just 0
  • you would like to add text to the card (just let us know where and what)
  • you would like to move things around (just let us know what and where)

  • We will do our best to attend to any of your requests or will contact you if we are unable or need more info.
    The short answer isYES...
    However we cannot guarantee a quick turnaround in producing the cards.

    The longer version...
    We have no problem changing any of our current card layouts to accommodate your envisioned layout. PLUS we will not charge extra. However as mentioned we cannot guarantee a quick turnaround in producing the cards. It all depends as to how busy we are at that time....we'll let you know if it is possible or not.

    Just send us your info at CardInfo@TeamInfoCards.com, preferrably in a spreadsheet format, and we will figure out the best format possible. If we can't we'll let you know quickly.
    FYI, during the development process we will send electronic "snapshots" of the card for your approval. Printing will not commence without your approval.
    For more information please email us at CardInfo@TeamInfoCards.com